Danh Sách Câu HỏiLearning English through movies with English subtitles is an effective method. However, to get the most out of this method, you must use them properly.
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 Learning English through movies with English subtitles is an effective method. However, to get the most out of this method, you must use them properly.
Here are some notes when watching movies with English subtitles:
Choose your favorite topic: Choose a movie with a topic you love or are interested in. This will help you get inspired to watch and learn English in the most natural way;
Choose movies by level: Depending on the website, movies will be divided according to different levels. If you are a beginner to learn English through movies, you should not choose movies with dense subtitles. It would be frustrating;
Learning and taking notes: no one can hear and see once to memorize the first knowledge, especially for a new language. So prepare a nice little notebook to read and record knowledge at the same time.
Top #4 best websites to watch Korean movies with English subtitles are: 
# 1. Kocowa
Kocowa is a legitimate streaming site that distributes content about Korea, including Korean variety shows, K-pop, and Korean dramas with good quality English subtitles for audiences in America. It is a paid service but offers many great TV series for free. And the content in the TASTE24HR section brings you the latest updates from hit shows to watch for free for 24 hours. Another benefit of Kocowa is that it presents 1080P content with easy-to-follow subtitles. However, Kocowa is only available in North and South America.
# 2. Dramacool
Dramacool is a movie-watching website that is no stranger to most K-drama fans. In addition to a large library of K-drama resources, Dramacool also hosts a wide variety of TV shows and movies from other Asian countries. Dramacool always updates dramas with new episodes fastest compared to other websites. Video content has 
sourced from multiple servers and is downloadable. Support high-quality English subtitles.
More: Dramacool info
Youtube: Dramacool LIST
# 3. KissAsian
KissAsian is a Korean movie website that is widely loved among K-drama lovers as it has a huge collection of Asian dramas and movies that provide good quality English subtitles. Many people like KissAisan is an active chat place where users can discuss plots, characters, and more freely and effectively. Videos on KissAisan are also prepared in multi-server sources. But you have to disable the ad blocker to play the video.
#4. ViewAsian
ViewAsian, as its name suggests, is a website to watch Asian dramas. But mainly you will find this website focuses more on Korean or K-drama movies, besides it also supports many Japanese and Chinese dramas with English subtitles. Content is streamed on multiple servers with high-quality subtitles. The download option is also available for free
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